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Drilling Smaller, Deeper, and More Precise Holes

EDM holemaking technology is being driven by demand for smaller, deeper and more precise holes produced as fast and as consistently as possible

EDM holemaking technology is being driven by demand for smaller, deeper and more precise holes produced as fast and as consistently as possible. What essentially started with conventional EDM hole-popper machines has evolved into advanced EDM drilling systems that further enhance the capabilities of their predecessors in terms of hole size, depth, surface finish and accuracy, as well as in process speed, reliability and simplicity.

In the past, it was a truly significant accomplishment to drill a 0.15 mm diameter hole 50 mm deep in hardened steel using a 0,15mm diameter electrode on an EDM hole-popper machine. Today’s technology makes it possible to drill the same hole upwards of twice as deep or drill one that is 0,15 in diameter 150 mm deep and varying in size and straightness no more than 0.025 mm from its entrance to exit. Plus, being able to do it using only one electrode and little, if any, operator intervention.

Present EDM drilling systems are fundamentally a merging of EDM hole-popper technology with that of die-sinker EDMs. At the heart of these precision machines is the latest digital generator technology adapted from the die-sinker side of the family. These state-of-the-art digital generators are much more efficient with higher output that delivers speed, consistency and precision.  And they consume much less energy!

Novidrill's Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Power Generator provides precise spark control for the EDM drilling machines with different parameter settings for the various stages of the drilling process and according to where the electrode is in the hole. It is this functionality of our controller that also helps to reduce electrode wear, which, in turn, allows for deeper drilling, increased speed and accuracy and higher surface-finish quality.

Spark control is accomplished via software in the digital fuzzy logic generator that modifies or adjusts spark behavior as the electrode enters a hole and when it exits—a function often referred to as entrance and breakthrough protection. These Novidrill protection functions prevent instability during hole exiting, shorten actual electrode exiting time, eliminate back-wall striking and help maintain hole diameter size at the point of exit. 

These capabilities of our Novidrill are what allow our modern EDM drilling system to accurately, efficiently and automatically process those workpieces involving multihole and/or multielectrode size operations. For increased EDM drilling productivity, the goal is to generate as many holes as possible or drill as deep as required using the least amount of electrodes. The more a generator can help reduce electrode wear, the better. Plus, less wear on electrodes allows them to cut faster and more accurately by eliminating ‘bullet nosing’ of their tips.